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The 2014 Faith On Campus FALL Forum

The Faith On Campus FALL Forum is a two-day event being held on the campus of John Brown University, in Siloam Springs, Arkansas on October 20th & 21st, 2014.

This event will feature extended conversations with Dr. Rod Reed and Dr. Patricia Snell Herzog.

Designed specifically for campus and church leaders who serve as leaders and mentors to students (in a wide-variety of capacities), the goal of our two days together will be to explore and engage topics and themes related to the intersection of Christ, culture, and the college experience.

CLICK HERE to visit the FALL Forum Homepage.



The Shaping Their Future Conference

The college years are important years — for growing up, pursuing meaning, and becoming all God desires!

But over the past couple of decades I’ve noticed a disturbing trend of increasing numbers of students not getting all that they can from this formative season of life.

The Shaping Their Future Conference is designed to further prepare and equip parents of high school sophomores, juniors, seniors, and even current college students, to better come along side their student with the intent of helping them make the most of the formative season of life that they are in. 

I’m looking for churches, private high schools, and other interested parties who would like to host this kind of event for the parents of future (and even current) college students.

Be a host site for the Shaping Their Future Conference!

CLICK HERE to view more information on becoming a host site for a Shaping Their Future Conference in your area.


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 Books by Guy


campusgods3D x250CAMPUS gODS: Exposing the Idols That Can Derail Your Present and Destroy Your Future

The North American campus is filled with things — ideas, opportunities, and experiences — that vie for the attention and allegiance of today’s student.

Both Christian and non-Christian students will give themselves to something — with the hope that it will be significant and change everything. And although there are a lot of interesting things to think about, opportunities to explore, and experiences to have — these things fail to be understood correctly when given the Supreme position in one’s heart — and life.

It’s with this sensitivity to the college experience that Guy Chmieleski wrote his new book, CAMPUS gODS. CAMPUS gODS steers clear of the typical moralizing tone so often taken with today’s students in favor of meeting them where they are and outlining a reasonable faith with spiritual depth.

Despite boldly foraying into the seductive minefield of “campus gods,” the book maintains a conversational and even invitational tone. The book will be perfect for small groups of college students to read and talk through together.

CLICK HERE to visit the CAMPUS gODS Homepage.

Share your email address and I’ll share the first chapter, the gOD of Achievement, with you!


Shaping Their Future: Mentoring Students Through Their Formative College YearsSTF3Dfront x250

This is my first book — geared towards campus and church leaders, parents, employers, volunteers — and really anyone who might serve as a mentor for college students.

You can read more about Shaping Their Future — including the book description, endorsements, and information about how to purchase a copy — by clicking here.

Shaping Their Future is now available for purchase at, but you can get your 40-page preview by leaving your email below:


CLICK HERE to visit the Shaping Their Future Homepage

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CLICK HERE to see view a list of great college ministry minded bloggers!


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