What is #iMentor?

Well, it’s an initiative designed to honor the investment of mentors all over the world, and to encourage potential mentors to take the initiative in starting an intentional relationship with a college student today.

My new book, Shaping Their Future: Mentoring Students Through Their Formative College Years, is now available at Seedbed.com — but I believe that a book is only as good as it serves to bring about change in the world.

A lofty task — no doubt!

And that’s precisely what I hope the #iMentor intiative will inspire us to do — change the world!

I think many of us have benefited in incredible ways from mentoring relationships, and yet, we can struggle to believe that we’re “qualified” or good enough to serve as a mentor to a college student today. We think, “I’ll leave that to the ‘professional,’ to those who are ‘more qualified.'”

Can you imagine if your mentor had adopted this line of thinking — and not chosen to invest in you when they did?

Where would you be now?

One of the most special characteristics found in every good mentor is that they have simply made themselves available — to be used by God — in the lives of others. They don’t put qualifications on it, they simply avail themselves to God and another — and they leave the results to God.

This being the case — mentoring relationships can take on just about any look and design.

Here’s a piece of my own story:

Why do I mentor? Because I simply must.

I have been shaped and formed through the investment of so many others — who wanted nothing more than to see me succeed in life — by becoming the man who God desires for me to be.

When I was a college student, and young in my faith, two individuals sought me out. They pursued me. They wanted to spend time with me.

They saw something within me that I would not see in myself until many years later.

These were busy people. Important people. People who had families, more than enough work to do, and plenty of people they were already investing in.

But they made time for me.

And God used them to model for me what it meant to be a follower of Jesus, a person of character and integrity, and a mentor to others.

They exemplified for me what it meant to live a congruent life — one where your words and your actions line up.

They challenged me to do hard work, not cut corners, and believe that faithfulness would lead to the best kind of fruitfulness.

And it was one of them that first identified a possible calling to work with college students within me.

It’s hard to say where I would be today without the gifts of time, love, prayer, and support, that these two — and so many others — have offered along the way.

Which is why I feel called to invest in the generations behind me in this same way.

It is my hope that the #iMentor initiative will catalyze a new movement of multi-generational relationships, and that this page will serve as a space where we can share stories — about mentoring and being mentored — that will help to encourage and inspire others to catch a vision for how God might use them (and/or grow them) through this kind of intentional relationship.

To that end, I would like to hear from YOU!

Share your story

If you are willing to share a story about how God has worked in your life — either as a mentor or mentoree — please send me an email that includes:

  • “My #iMentor story” in the subject line
  • Your story — in 300 words or less
  • Your name (or Twitter handle) and location (or website)

Every week I’ll be featuring a new story that speaks to the power of mentoring relationships. I sure hope you’ll be inspired to invest in the generations of young people coming behind us. Be willing to do for one — that which you could do for all!

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