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About the Book

The North American campus is filled with things — ideas, opportunities, and experiences — that vie for the attention and allegiance of today’s student.

Both Christian and non-Christian students will give themselves to something — with the hope that it will be significant and change everything. And although there are a lot of interesting things to think about, opportunities to explore, and experiences to have — these things fail to be understood correctly when given the Supreme position in one’s heart — and life.

It’s with this sensitivity to the college experience that Guy Chmieleski wrote his new book, CAMPUS gODS. CAMPUS gODS steers clear of the typical moralizing tone so often taken with today’s students in favor of meeting them where they are and outlining a reasonable faith with spiritual depth.

Despite boldly foraying into the seductive minefield of “campus gods,” the book maintains a conversational and even invitational tone. The book will be perfect for small groups of college students to read and talk through together.


Early Endorsements

For years, the campus of Belmont has been blessed to have access to someone as insightful, kind, and all around awesome as Guy. Now, you’ve got the same opportunity with this book. Hopeful, personal, and above all honest, this book is fantastic!
New York Times Bestselling Author
of Start and Stuff Christian Like


As a college chapel speaker, I encounter thousands of students carrying tremendous burdens and expectations: education, appearance, pleasure, addiction, and loneliness. Diverse as these things are, I believe they all point back to each student’s identity. With experience, research, and compassion, Guy Chmieleski looks with eyes wide open at the idols and crisis points every college student faces and counters them, directing students back to truth and hope.
Anne Marie Miller
Author, Speaker, and Writer


If you want to save yourself a lot of the pain and heartache of young adulthood, read this book. If you want to make your college years (or those after) intentional and fruitful, read this book. If you want to escape the pressure of performance and find peace within, read this book. I sure wish I would’ve years ago.
Author of The In-Between
and the Next Big Thing