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Who Are You to Pursue This Year?

When’s the last time you asked God for a target? For His target?

When’s the last time you asked God who He wanted you to spend your time and efforts pursuing?

If you’re anything like me, you might tend to operate on autopilot when it comes to questions like this. As people serving the campus community as a whole, rarely (if ever) would we find reason to limit the scope of our outreach by focusing in on a particular sub-group or individual within the campus community.

But don’t we do this in some ways already???

Obviously there are our student leaders — people who (hopefully) get a good portion of our time, focus, and energy.

Then there are the students who participate in the different programs and opportunities we provide — and we work to grow our connection with them and encourage them in their walk with Christ. Another group that gets a good portion of our time.

And if there are any groups, faculty, or campus leaders that we have the chance to partner with — these folks will also get a fair portion of our energy and efforts.

But is there someone else that God is preparing to bring across your path this year?

Or is there a group that He wants you to begin to pursue and become more intentional with?

Have you prayerfully asked this question??

Or do you tend to operate like me — believing that you’re already operating at full capacity — and if God really wants you to connect with and serve someone beyond what you already am, then He’ll probably just bring them to your doorstep.

No, it doesn’t feel comfortable to confess that, but it’s true most of the time.

So this year, as the start to a new academic year grows closer, I’m praying with an open mind, heart, and calendar for God to show me if there is any one new, or any new group, that He wants me to pursue in the upcoming year.

I’m convinced that if God lays someone on my heart — someone to pursue — that He’ll give me the time, energy, and space to do so.

I’m choosing not to limit God in this way in the year ahead.

How about you?