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Top Posts of February 2013

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Sex, love, books and football — they all made the list of this month’s Top Posts(*).

Special thanks to those who contributed guest posts for the 2013 Sex & the Soul Blogathon!

Now on to the countdown…

breaking up10. Why Relationships Are Considered Too Risky, But the Hookup Culture Safe and Easy

I think there’s a fundamental reason why we have seen our student culture shift from (primarily) pursuing authentic, long-term relationships… to settling for casual sexual encounters within the hookup culture…

In a word… fear.

It’s a fear of pain.

fear of loss.

fear of investing in something… only to see it fall apart. (Read more…)

rose9. The Final Rose: Deciding on “The One” | Joy Eggerichs

College can be a confusing time—figuring out what we are, what we want to do, and most importantly, who we want to marry.

Okay, maybe not most importantly.

I’ve previously written a post about marrying “The One” and whether or not only one actually existed.

I created this video post for those wondering how to tell whether your current “one” is actually The One. I’m sure you get that question all the time from your students. (Read more…)

CelebateSex_CvrLoRes18. Maids and Margaritas and Sex on Warm Sand | Abbie Smith

What would it look like to be content in our waiting and with our sexuality, as both singles and marrieds, not because we’re perfect at waiting for sex or we’re perfectly sexual but because we’re content in our humanity, in our femininity and masculinity, in our longing for union with the trinity? (Read more…)

couple_couch7. How Far is Too Far? | Hanna Easley

“If God was looking down on you, would it look any different to Him?”

I was in college and struggling with setting physical boundaries with my current boyfriend. I knew that God intended sex for within the confines of marriage and believed there were consequences if I disobeyed, but I wasn’t sure where the line was. How far is too far? I knew I felt shame and guilt for some of the behavior I had engaged in, but was it really wrong or was I over re-acting?

I shared these thoughts with my friend and mentor, Jenn. (Read more…)

3D cover 300x450 ad6. A Sneak Peek at Shaping Their Future

I’m excited to offer you a sneak peek at my forthcoming book:

Shaping Their Future: Mentoring Students Through Their Formative College Years

It will officially release on March 11th, but you can get your 40 page preview here… (Read more…)

neuroplasticity5. Sex in the Digital Age: What You Need to Remember About the Perspective of Young Adults | Christy Ridings

The digital age has completely changed any conversation relating to sex. Statistics tell us that by the time a college student arrives on campus, they have been exposed to sexually explicit material for an average of seven years.

Those of us who work with students on a regular basis recognize the emotional and spiritual toll this takes on those on our campuses. We see the numbness, the apathy and the brokenness that often accompanies this saturation of explicit material. (Read more…)

ShapingTheirFuture_with banner4. #ShapingTheirFutureBook

The release date for Shaping Their Future: Mentoring Students Through Their Formative College Years is MARCH 11th!

It is NOW AVAILABLE for PRE-Order at the Seedbed Market — $18.95 for soft cover and $13.27 for the digital.It will also appear on sites like and in the coming weeks.

I’m also giving away a 40 page excerpt of the book! Find out more about that here. (Read more…)

Lies3. 4 Sex Lies That College Students Believe | Michael Johnson

In my 10 years of sharing with singles (primarily college students) I’ve zeroed in on four lies I think we need to overcome in order to lead our students into sexual freedom and, more importantly, their true identity in Christ. (Keep reading…)

kaepernick2. The Kaepernick Factor

Have you heard about the “Kaepernick Factor?”

I’m going to guess “No” — in part, because I may have just made it up.

Colin Kaepernick is the new starting quarterback of the surging San Francisco 49ers.

As a 24-year old who has been thrust to the forefront of a Super Bowl contender, he has won his first two NFL starts — leading his team to big wins over the Saints and Bears in back-to-back weeks. (Read more…)

naked truth1. The Naked Truth About Sex in College | Chad Logan

The primary reason that college students leave their faith in college is their personal desire for sexual freedom and its incompatibility with religious morality.

Approximately 65% of all college students have had sex.

25% of college women’s first encounter with sex was unwanted or forced.

Less than 30% of college students have had a healthy conversation with their parents about the “birds and the bees” (Read more…)

And there you have it!

(*) This list excludes posts found on the Top Posts of All-Time list — in order to highlight other great posts.


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