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The College Ministry Year: 12 Months of Ideas

I’m excited to announce the launch of my newest eResource:

The College Ministry Year: 12 Months of Ideas

The College Ministry Year is a quick read, offering ideas for ministry, leadership development, investing in student leaders, self-care and more!

I’ve previously shared a number of the ideas found in this resource — in different forms and fashions — here at But in this work, I’ve edited and expanded on those ideas, as well as added some previously unshared ideas, making this a unique piece.

Guy’s collection of ideas for the calendar year is a blessing (and I don’t say that tritely). There are some things he lists that I’ve heard about before and some of those that I do but to have them laid out in this fashion is invaluable.

— Michaela Lawrence Jeffery, Advent House Chaplain

The College Ministry Year: 12 Months of Ideas is a short eResource designed to encourage and inspire you as you think and dream about ministry with college students.

There is no magical formula for ministry with college students. At best, what I offer here is a list of ideas that need to be prayerfully considered in terms of your own ministry context and unique community of students.

As a new university chaplain, The College Ministry Year gave me some great ideas for the coming year, and more importantly, it sparked some new ideas of my own!
— David MacDonald, Ohio Northern University Chaplian

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I plan on keeping The College Ministry Year: 12 Months of Ideas handy as a resource to remind myself of important things to focus on during the year. This resource will help me be a proactive leader in our very seasonal work of college ministry.”
— Paul Worcester Director of Challenge at Chico State and Editor at
If you’ve already read The College Ministry Year: 12 Months of Ideas, let me say thank you.
Creating this little resource was a good exercise in strategically thinking through a full 12 months of ministry with students — and all that it entails.
So, what did you think? Feel free to email meyour thoughts and feedback or share them in the comments below. If you liked it, you are welcome to share about it with others. Here are a few ideas:

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Thanks for being a valued colleague in college ministry! I hope you’re inspired to great heights, for God’s glory, in your upcoming year of ministry!!


  • I’m already subscribed to your mailing list (for a long time). I can’t get the book cause mailchimp keeps on saying that there are errors (that I am already subscribed). Any workaround?

    • Marvin, et al. — If you’re already a subscriber then you should have received a couple of different emails from me in which you could download it (a “Pre-Release” email I sent out last Tuesday, as well as this past Saturday’s Weekly Update).

      Marvin, let me know if you did not get either of these updates and we’ll figure out what we need to do next.

      • whooops, totally missed that one.. my bad… thanks.. God bless!

      • He guy, I’ve also been a long time subscriber but two years is a long time to go back through emails… Any ideas? Thanks!

  • Giovanni Ellzey

    i just read the entire 12 Months of Ideas and thoroughly loved it, so thanks! I especially liked the idea behind taking multiple retreats of “soul care” to be alone with God. Another tip to consider including is to make sure newcomers/freshman have a group of friends to go to church with on Sundays. It’s why I chose one group over another; and really helps so the freshman don’t feel like they have to “church shop” by themselves. Thanks again!Giovanni E

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