The Power of Experience | The Cone of Learning: Part II

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Updated 2/29/12 In a previous post entitled, The Cone of Learning, I asked the question: What kind of impact is our ministry having on those who participate in them? I suggested that the ‘Cone of Learning’ put forth by Edgar Dale back in the late 60s might have something to say to us – both about how we should program […]

Waiting to Grow UP

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Updated 2/24/12 If you’ve worked in college ministry for very long then you’ve probably heard some of the following terms used when describing our college students and this “new” phase of life that they’re stepping into: prolonged adolescence, or delayed adulthood, or Millenials, or Gen iY, or “thresholders,” or emerging adulthood, or boomerang kids, or even […]

How SEXy is your College Ministry?

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Updated 2/14/12 I’m not sure what exactly you were expecting to find here… but I’m glad you made it! Statistics tell us that college students are inundated with sexually explicit images, media items, thoughts, experiences and addictions. I’m convinced that sexually related vices are one of the biggest stumbling blocks to college students experiencing a […]

Getting Student Leaders To Commit

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Is it just me, or does it seem like it’s getting harder and harder to get student leaders to commit to, and follow through with, an extended leadership role? Certainly there are exceptions to this… but those students seem to be fewer and far between… and when we encounter them around campus (or within our ministries) they are unmistakable!

In our consumer-driven society (and campuses), it should come as no surprise to us that more and more students are finding it harder and harder to stay committed to one leadership role, and easier and easier to jump from one thing to the next… one leadership role to the next… And when they do, I’m not sure that they’ve given much thought to how their choices will impact the contexts and relationships that they’ve left behind.