Taking Care of Yourself—for real this time!

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“Know your strengths, vulnerabilities, and triggers.” Check. “Get used to uncertainty and conflict.” Double check. “Experiment beyond your comfort zone.” Um…really? If I already know it works… “Take care of yourself.” Yikes. I’m probably going to have to have a hard conversation with myself. About 15 months ago, I read these words under a heading […]

Hiding Behind Busy

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In the last year, I’ve gotten to a place where the hamster wheel that I feel like I’m on is spinning out of control. Because I’ve been on the hamster wheel for, oh, about 25 years (I perfected managing a schedule, balancing responsibilities, and not lying around at a very early age), I actually know better how to live busy than I do to live balanced. I’ve explained to friends and family for years… okay, decades, that “things are going to slow down soon,” or “I’m just hustling now and I will get a break in a couple of weeks.”

In the midst of the busyness of ministry, I’ve learned that perhaps busyness is masking a dirty little secret. In the last year as I’ve examined both the cause and the cost of my busyness, I’ve begun to wonder if sometimes my busyness is actually…

Set A Compass

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I’m a collector, of sorts. I collect compasses. It’s not a very big collection. I only have about six of them. And though some of them look pretty nice, none of them are expensive. But I do like compasses. I have a couple setting on my desk at the office. I have one on my desk at home. I have others sitting at various spots throughout the house.

A compass is different than a clock or a calendar. Clocks and calendars are about time. A compass is all about direction. It is not about where you are at this moment in time, but about the direction in which you are heading. It helps to answer the questions, “Am I going in the direction I want to be going? Will this path get me to the place you want to be?”

A Rich but Often Overlooked Resource for Self Leadership

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While we lead others, we must lead ourselves. I often say to students who are planning on going into ministry, “We lead with our lives.” Ministry is, in one big sense, witness. Not infallible witness (we are all flawed, so please don’t climb on the inadequacy bandwagon), but witness, nonetheless.

In the best ministry, we are transparent, vulnerable, even when we’re assertively taking charge and doing great things.

This is the paradox of spiritual leadership.

Recalibrating Productivity By Shuttin’ It Down

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Every few months, I try to shut technology off and go to a little monastery about an hour away from my home. It has an attached retreat center where anyone can rent day rooms or stay overnight. Talking is optional. I go for the day if, and only if, the St. Anne room is available.

I’m convinced the blanket in that room was crocheted by angels.

Announcing The Art of Self Leadership Blogathon [Oct. 23-25]

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Preparation for the next Blogathon are now underway!

The Art of Self Leadership Blogathon will be a chance for us to talk together about our need to lead self — while faithfully living out our call to lead others. As leaders, we often put our own needs aside in order to focus on those around us. But in order for us to be the effective, healthy, and durable leaders we desire to be, we need to be wise, intentional, and strategic with regard to how we manage our time, establish and protect different boundaries, approach our work, and faithfully live out our call to serve others.

This time will be a chance to explore new ideas and best practices as it relates to our service as faithful leaders, as well as to engage in online conversation about some of the challenges or struggles we face in this area of Self Leadership.

God Loves You (Too)

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I was reminded last night that God loves me (too). No, I hadn’t forgotten the truth of that statement… But the reality is that I (we) spend so much of our daily work sharing this message with students, and trying to help them understand what it means for the lives, but rarely hear those same […]

7 a.m. Meetings

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Mornings. They come every day. And there’s a lot to be said for mornings… but I think most of us would often prefer to say them a little later in the day. Typically, I could be classified as a morning person… at least, that is, when my children cooperate throughout the course of the night. […]