Taking Care of Yourself—for real this time!

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“Know your strengths, vulnerabilities, and triggers.” Check. “Get used to uncertainty and conflict.” Double check. “Experiment beyond your comfort zone.” Um…really? If I already know it works… “Take care of yourself.” Yikes. I’m probably going to have to have a hard conversation with myself. About 15 months ago, I read these words under a heading […]

Why July Might Be the Best Month to Take Any Remaining Vacation Time You Have

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When I think of July, I think of this…

That’s not me — and I’ve never been to this location — but it’s still what I think of when I think of July.


Well, for starters it’s typically so hot and steamy here in the greater Nashville area that if I’m outside I prefer to be someplace wet — where I can actually enjoy being outside.

But I also like the peace and relaxation this image evokes. It speaks of a slower pace of life, and inner rest, that I don’t think enough of us experience very often.

Kingdom Work and Homework

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It’s the dreaded college triangle. If you choose a social life and sleep, you sacrifice good grades. If you choose good grades and sleep, you give up the social life. If you choose a social life and good grades, then you won’t be getting sleep anytime soon.

The moment I thought I had the college triangle figured out, I began my life as a youth and college minister while still in school. At the age of 22, I was a senior in college, engaged to my high school sweet heart, and began serving as the new youth and college director. My college triangle now turned into a rectangle. So what do I choose now? Social life? Good grades? Sleep? Or ministry? What would be sacrificed because of my decision? These very real questions began to haunt my everyday life.

The Voices They Hear

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Parents play a powerful role in the development of their children.

Seems obvious to say, yet I think we can tend to forget this truth when we work with students on college campuses — primarily because we don’t see parents, just students.

Sure, from time to time our students might bring their parents up in conversation. But it can be all to easy to forget that the ways in which our students think, believe, and live are without doubt a product of the ways and environments in which they were raised.

It’s true for all of our students — those who are thriving and those who are not.

I’m Giving Away 5 Tickets to the Faith ON Campus Summer Institute!

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Win your way to the 2013 Faith ON Campus Summer Institute!

That’s right, I’m giving away 5 tickets to this inaugural event, and you could win one of them.

Here’s the deal — I need your help spreading the word about this upcoming event — so I’m going to give you the opportunity to tweet, post, and share your way into the drawing that will be held on the last day of every month.

The rules are simple:

A Cure for the Stressed Life of a College Student

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A cure for the stressed life of a college student — REALLY!?!?!

I think we’d be the most popular office on campus if we professed to posses such a golden ticket — because we can all testify to the fact that we hear our students complain about this far more than we hear them complain about anything (or even everything) else.

Our students struggling — and they need our help.

I recently ran across this INFOGRAPHIC depicting the many things that today’s college students are stressing about… and a rather surprising set of cures for the student who feels too busy, broke, lonely, and/or stressed to keep it all together.

Why Your Voice (and Vote) Matter

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It’s election day in America — and it’s both a right and privilege that we have to participate in this democratic process.

And there are some important decisions to be made that will undoubtedly shape the future direction of our country — and local government.

But I believe there is an even more important impact that today’s election can have on each one of us.

That we vote (not how we vote), affirms what we believe about our voice.

That it matters.

Or that it doesn’t.

Hiding Behind Busy

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In the last year, I’ve gotten to a place where the hamster wheel that I feel like I’m on is spinning out of control. Because I’ve been on the hamster wheel for, oh, about 25 years (I perfected managing a schedule, balancing responsibilities, and not lying around at a very early age), I actually know better how to live busy than I do to live balanced. I’ve explained to friends and family for years… okay, decades, that “things are going to slow down soon,” or “I’m just hustling now and I will get a break in a couple of weeks.”

In the midst of the busyness of ministry, I’ve learned that perhaps busyness is masking a dirty little secret. In the last year as I’ve examined both the cause and the cost of my busyness, I’ve begun to wonder if sometimes my busyness is actually…