How Do You Stand Out?

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Have you ever stopped to think about what makes you (your ministry) unique?

What makes you different from the other ministries on campus?

What do you have to offer students that might make your ministry the one for them?

In a couple of posts last week I focused on training and equipping our student leaders to know why we do what we do (Do Your Students Know?), as well as how what we do meets a specific need on campus (How We ‘Fit In’ On Campus). I made the case for spending some significant time during the early stages of our training with leaders for helping them to see the BIG picture and really commit to learning it for themselves.

Make It Easier…

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  It’s amazing how much more approachable we become when we do something as simple as wear a name tag. I just returned from my first lunch in the cafeteria for the year and I’m SO thankful that I remembered to grab my name tag on my way out the door. As new students are […]