Campus Mapping || A More Strategic Approach to Ministry on Campus

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While at a conference last summer I had the chance to sit in on a session led by Creighton Alexander, Campus Pastor at the University of Alabama Wesley Foundation, where he talked about coming up with a strategy for ministry on campus.

He shared a lot of good stuff, but there was one idea in particular that seemed to jump out at me — and has stuck with me ever since — and it’s the idea of “mapping our campus.”

There’s a good chance that many of you already do this — in fact, we all do to a certain extent because we all have “strategic relationships” across campus (and if we don’t, we should!) — but Creighton’s idea, while simple, was profound to me.

LESS IS MORE: Reversing the Crazy Pace of Ministry

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It’s a new year and I’m resolving to make some changes.

This year, in regards to how I approach ministry with college students, I’m taking a ‘LESS IS MORE’ approach.


Because what I’ve been doing has not been working.

Cramming my calendar full of meetings and overwhelming the campus calendar with more and more ministry-related opportunities has not yielded the kind of ‘fruitful results’ that I’ve hoped for.

A Campus Ministry Final Exam || REpost

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It’s exam time on campus…

And I guess it only makes sense that at the end of the semester we would put ourselves through a “final exam” of sorts… right?

With all that has happened and hasn’t happened — with all of the feelings of relief, release, regret, ready-to-be-done-ness that we feel at the end of the term, it is important for us to consider how we might make these final couple of weeks before the Christmas holiday as fruitful as possible.

Make It Easier…

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  It’s amazing how much more approachable we become when we do something as simple as wear a name tag. I just returned from my first lunch in the cafeteria for the year and I’m SO thankful that I remembered to grab my name tag on my way out the door. As new students are […]

4000 Ways to Maximize the First 4 Weeks on Campus

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You will never be larger than your first meeting of the year. I’ve been doing campus ministry for over seven years with Campus Crusade for Christ and I have never seen a ministry grow significantly larger than the size of the first official meeting. Yet ministries often treat the first day, week, and month the […]

Extreme Measures

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The picture to the right is of a man (yes, fully clothed) running through Death Valley.

Extreme athletes will often go to extreme measures in their training in order to be most fully prepared for their upcoming event/s.

It’s a part of what makes them great!

Their willingness to push themselves beyond their limits — and far beyond what most of us would be willing to do — is what distinguishes them from the rest of us.