In Search of Best Resources on Sex, Dating, Purity, and Healthy Relationships

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It’s resource sharing time. When it comes to talking to your students about things like sex, dating, pornography, hooking up, purity, holiness, boundaries, and healthy relationships (especially at the collegiate level) — what are you using? What are you pointing students towards? Who are the people out there that are having the most helpful conversations […]

SAME LOVE >> How Should This Message Inform Our Ministry With Students?

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About a year and a half ago I conducted a brief interview with Donna Freitas. Freitas, a professor at Boston University, is the author of Sex & the Soul: Juggling Sexuality, Spirituality, Romance, and Religion on America’s College Campuses. The book is a summation of the research she conducted on campuses across North America. Towards […]

Here I Go Again

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Many times in ministry, especially college ministry, you feel like you are walking alone. Just drifting along, trying to survive, and isolated from others in ministry.

College Ministry has been described as the Navy Seals of ministry — It’s very hard work and no one ever gives you credit when it goes well (plus, some people erroneously call us Youth Ministers, a pet peeve of mine).

I am surrounded by a great church staff, but they often fail to grasp what college ministry is or have the tools to push me in my goals and desires.

On Helping Students Dream Big, Responsibly and Realisticly

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It’s the time of year when campus goes quiet and graduating students begin to face the reality of life after college.

And for some students, this new reality will mean be a major challenge.

I recently ran across this humorous commercial that seems to have captured (for me) one of the challenges today’s students struggle with — dreaming big while still being responsible and realistic.

And truth be told, I’m not exactly sure how best to help our students with this…

On Helping Seniors Discern “What’s Next?”

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It’s that time of the year again…

We’re getting ready to say good-bye to our students — some for the summer, others for the foreseeable future.

And you’ve likely noticed over the course of the spring term a shift in conversations with your graduating seniors towards more future-oriented topics.

If your seniors are like most — they are struggling to know what’s next. Some are fearful. Some are anxiety-riddled. And some are down right paralyzed.


Because there is a lot up in the air regarding “what’s next.”