Leadership Development

Problem Solvers

Are you a problem solver?

I’d bet that to some degree you are.

It’s great to be this for your team, but it’s even greater to be this for other people — around campus, your community, and really everywhere.

No, it’s probably not practical to think that we can be available to every person with a problem — but to have enough margin in our schedules (not to mention compassion) can be a huge blessing to other people.

Problem solvers are also great people to know — and have on your side.

It’s also good if we — as ministry leaders — are not regularly the source of problems. This probably seems like a no-brainer, but let’s not over-estimate our own capacity for being the source of someone else’s problem.

Am I right?


  • I know exactly what you are referring to Guy! There are certain folk in our university that I think of ‘problem solvers’. I know them as such and when an issue arrives, even mundane ones, I look them up! Their characteristics: friendly, available, joyful, kind, responsive.