Leadership Development

On Strengths and Weaknesses


That is my score for music/worship on any spiritual gift/talent inventory I’ve ever taken. Ok, -1 isn’t a score, but it’s my lowest category of any of them.

Growing up, I was told that you needed to spend all your time making your weaknesses better. But I would disagree. No matter how hard I work, I will never have rhythm or be able to play most instruments. However, I am aware of that.

Knowing my weaknesses helps me delegate them. We have a student that leads worship. I can’t help him lead from the stage, but I’m not deaf either. I can help shepherd him and let his spiritual life flow into his worship. It doesn’t mean that you ignore your weaknesses, but you can manage them.

You can improve your weaknesses by awareness. Asking others in your life to be honest prevents blind spots in your ministry.

Likewise, don’t use your weaknesses as excuses. Saying, “I’m just not organized” isn’t an excuse to be lazy. Put an administrative person around you to balance you out.

John Maxwell says, multiply your strengths by developing them. It’s the things you do well that optimize you. Plus, you have influence in the areas of your strengths. Within three years in your ministry, your strengths ooze out of you. If you are great with small groups, focus on that. If it’s preaching, focus on that. Your ministry will be a reflection of how God has gifted you. Plus, your energy and motivation will be at a higher level. If all you focus on is your weakness, it will be draining.

God didn’t call you to be something you are not! In this world of celebrity Christianity, we become envious of the latest author or speaker, but not all of us are Moses or Paul. Some of us are Thomas and Jeremiah. Celebrate the resources and strengths He has called you to.

Likewise, as you learn more about yourself and your unique strengths, you begin to recognize and value strengths in others. Then you begin to build powerful ministry teams.

So what are practical steps?

Try a DISC profile test, StrengthFinders 2.0, or retake a spiritual gift inventory.

What are other steps that you have taken to help you delegate your weaknesses or develop your strengths?