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Never Underestimate the Power of One

Updated 3/20/12

I was recently reminded of the power of one.

One question.

One conversation.

One experience…

It can literally change everything.

I was talking with a friend recently and we were talking about working with college students…

In the midst of our discussion he began to share with me a story from his own college experience… specifically one about a chapel program that changed everything for him.

He confessed that he probably couldn’t recall a single thing, from any other chapel service during the rest of his four years of school, but in that one service… God showed up… and changed everything.

This friend’s story reminded me of this post from the Archives: Just 1 Question.  It’s about a conversation I had with my campus pastor one day over lunch during my senior year. This one question he asked me over the course of our lunch served to profoundly shape the early years of my ministry… and still does to this day.

And it got me to wondering… how many of these kinds of “one time,” life-changing experiences happen on our campuses each and every day?

I wonder how many of them we actually get to be a part of… and we don’t even know it.

While I’m convinced that God is always at work in the day-to-day lives of our students, doing the preparatory work necessary for these profound “one-time” experiences, we can never underestimate the power of those specific life-changing moments.

When God shows up.

When God gets our student’s attention.

It’s a powerful moment.

An important moment.

And we just never know when that’s going to happen… or how God might choose to use us… or the most unusual, even unlikely, of circumstances or situations.

All it takes is one…

One question.

One conversation.

One experience…

And everything can change.

Yes, we must never underestimate the power of one.