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Mentoring—A Huge Gift in my Life | Pete Hardesty

imageMany people have helped to shape my life.

Especially my mentors.

There was my Young Life leader Danny O’Brien that would pick me up at 6am every Wed. for a Bible study.

Then when I was in college, I was home on break and was paired up with a “prayer partner.” It was an old man named Bill Geigert. He has written me once a month for about 20 years.

Then there was Rev. Ralph Gates, my “Bible teacher.” Basically we met and he taught me the Scriptures. The first week’s assignment? Learn all the book of the OT and the # of chapters in each one. Yikes! I’m not sure I could have told you half the books in the OT.

Then Jack Birsch, the grace-giver. He was the most gracious guy I’ve ever known. He had a deep booming voice and said that it wasn’t a “Birsch hug” unless it left knuckle indentations in your back.

And now Pat Goodman, an honest, earnest, sincere lover of God and people.

What an impact these men have had on my life! It showed me the kind of man I want to be. They gave me (and continue to give) wise counsel, training, unconditional love, and an example of what it meant to follow Jesus.

Now I try to do the same for some guys.

Pat once said in discipleship: “We hold a crown over people’s heads and let them grow up into it.” We dream for them. There is not much that is better.