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A collegiate ministry is only as strong as its weakest link.

I think Jesus got it right.  He picked some pretty strong links.

The leadership team of any collegiate ministry must function as a well-oiled machine if the ministry is going to achieve maximum impact on their campus for Christ. 

I love my leadership team.  But more than that, I respect them.  And, I trust them.  They’re given the freedom to reach…to grow…to dream…to impact, and yes even the freedom to make mistakes.  But the application process to make it on the team is brutal.

How about your process?  How are leaders chosen in your ministry? 

I’ve spent massive amounts of time in prayer and research looking and developing a process for students to put their passions and gifts to work in the right place.  I’ve talked with many collegiate ministry veterans seeking their thoughts and wisdom before putting into place a very pointed process which allows students to reach and grow in their faith and to provide them with a vehicle to use their gifts alongside their passions.

Our leadership team most likely doesn’t look like your team.  For example, we have one young lady on our team that is a classic introvert.  I mean it would extremely difficult to literally drag three words out of her in a face-to-face conversation.  But she is a beast at social media.  And she loves Jesus with every fiber of her being.  Her responsibility is to make sure that our collegiate ministry is continually at the forefront of all things Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  She’s the queen of PR in the media world on our campus.  We simply couldn’t reach as deep into our campus as we do with her leadership, period!  And she is just one amazing example!

Do we have the corner on the market on the leadership selection process?  My goodness, I hope not!  But it works…and it works well!

So, seriously, ‘how about your process?’ Anything needs changing…tweaking…removing? 

I would love to know more about your selection process!  I’m looking forward to your thoughts and comments!  If you want to know more about our process, let me know!

Have a great Fall Semester!