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INFOGRAPHIC: Students and Cheating

How big of an issue is cheating for your students?

Now let me rephrase that — how many of your students would say that cheating is a big deal?

In a culture that esteems success and achievement, while having little to say about character and integrity, some of the statistics featured in the infographic below may not be all that surprising.

And although this infographic focuses on the (relatively small) differences between cheating that occurs in online classes vs. on campus classrooms, without any regard for religious or moral underpinnings, we must believe that the students in our ministries fit all-to-comfortably within these statistics.

Have a look…

The biggest questions I find myself asking is:

How do we help our students to recognize the impact that cheating has on their integrity and character development as young believers — in ways that speak to how significant they really are?

And in a world that prizes the bottom line (often at any cost), how do we help them to value learning and formation?

What do you think?