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In Search of Best Resources on Sex, Dating, Purity, and Healthy Relationships

It’s resource sharing time.

When it comes to talking to your students about things like sex, dating, pornography, hooking up, purity, holiness, boundaries, and healthy relationships (especially at the collegiate level) — what are you using? What are you pointing students towards?

Who are the people out there that are having the most helpful conversations — given our current student culture? Who are the trusted voices?

What books are informing your own thinking and sharing of wise counsel with students? Who’s educating the educators, counselors, pastors, and ministry leaders?

What bible studies have your students found insightful and formative? What biblical resources are helping to move students from thinking about these things in healthy ways to actually living a more healthy life?

What biblical passages do you point struggling or curious students towards when they want to know what God thinks about any of these things?

What websites or blogs do you read and/or point students towards that help to bring shape to this major part of their lives? Again, who are the trusted voices out there?

Would you take a moment to share your thoughts and resources in the comment section below. There’s a high probability that whatever your using will be beneficial (and potentially unfamiliar) to others — so please share.

Oh, and if you’re not actively having these kinds of ongoing conversations with your students — you need to be. We all need to be. So much of this stuff is at the forefront of their minds — 24/7.