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That’s right. The Faith ON Campus Summer Institute has officially been postponed.

Apparently I picked the absolute worst week of the summer to try to host an event like this — so, after talking with Tim’s people and the great sponsors that had already signed on for the summer event, we’re now zeroing in on a couple of days in mid to late October.

I still believe in this event — and hope that you do to!

A two-day event designed specifically for people working with college students — by someone who has worked with college students for the past 16 years.

A gathering of leaders from both the Church AND the campus.

A collection of voices spanning across the vast Christian denominations.

An opportunity to consider the unique challenges and opportunities that we face in ministering to and mentoring today’s students.

A chance to hear from, and converse with, a thoughtful and well-respected leader in Tim Elmore who has researched, written, and spoken on our demographic for several years now.

A chance to meet new people, network, and make new friends.

And of course, a great reason to get to Nashville — in the fall.

So when a few more decisions have been made, and you see an announcement about an October event that sounds A LOT like the Summer Institute — that didn’t happen — I hope you will jump on board and be one of the first to register.

Until then — I pray you finish the year well.