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Finding Motivation… This Time of Year

Updated 4/25/12

If I’m honest, this can be one of the hardest times of the year to be motivated.

Can you relate?

Much like the students we serve, we’re tired… and ready for the change of pace that the summer months typically provide.

But the reality is that we are NOW entering into a season of lower activity — which means it has the potential to be one of the greatest in productivity.

What do I mean?

Well, it’s likely that by this point in the academic year we have moved into a phase of ministry where we’re simply carrying out some of the final plans for this year.

We’re not making any new plans, in any concrete ways… because we’ve got the open summer months just around the corner to utilize in this regard.

So aside from some of the typical end-of-the-year stuff, and making ourselves available for good-byes and students in crisis, are there some ways we can utilize this slower season?

Now, for some of us, the absolute best use of this slowing season is for us to follow suit and slow with it.  I’m not a workaholic and I believe Christians are supposed to be models of what it looks like to be “healthy” in the work place.  So if rest is what you are most in need of right now… then by all means, get rest!

But if you’re simply lacking the motivation for making the most of this slower season of ministry, might I make a suggestion… try something new!

Strike out into uncharted territory!

If this seems counterintuitive for how you’re feeling… and thinking… you’re probably not alone.

But I’ve found that motivation in one area of my life can often overflow into other areas.

The source of the motivation becomes irrelevant… what matters is that the motivation is there!

So maybe it’s time to plant that garden…

or dust off that instrument…

or pull the clubs out from the back of the closet…

or start that blog or book…

or commit to that race or workout plan.

Whatever it is for you… NOW is the time!

You may be surprised at how the energy generated by starting something new — unrelated to your work with college students — might have a direct impact on your ministry efforts.

Starting something new doesn’t have to detract from our final weeks with students and finishing the academic year of ministry well!

It can even provide a much-needed boost this time of year!

Not to mention serve as a jump-start to the summer… and something we’ve been putting off until the time is right.

So, what does this look like for you?

How is your motivation level as we push towards the end of April?

Are there any unlikely, or unusual place you draw motivation from this time of year?

What is something you’ve been putting off that might be worth giving your attention to now?

How have you seen motivation in one area of life overflow into other parts of your life?

Take a moment to share a story in the comment section below.


  • Seriously, my motivation is causing me to move so slow right now! It’s killing me, I’m resting more and not so much worrying about my schedule at this moment to be super rigid so that I get that energy back. Little wins during this time help my energy/passion level. Like getting an atheistic student to go to church with me on Easter! That was great!

    • Anonymous

      Yes! Rahul, that’s SO good… noticing — and celebrating — the “little wins” is a great place to find motivation!