Are You Modeling A Better Way of Life?

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I’m increasingly reminded of just how broken our world is. Even within our Christian circles. Even within our Christian ministries. The powerful shaping influence of our culture continues to make inroads into the ways we think and lead and love. And what’s true for us is most definitely true for our students. With all of […]

My #iMentor Story | Ken Dillard

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I mentor because I was mentored.

I was young and just starting seminary. My first seminary professor in my first seminary class walked in slowly carrying a large stack of books and papers. He set them down on his desk, looked across the hundred or so students in the classroom and said, “Beloved, let’s begin.”

“Beloved?” I responded with a bit of sarcasm in my mind. He doesn’t even know me. Am I going to have to sit through King James lectures all semester?

But sit under his lectures I did, and I might have even learned some of the content as well. But the real lesson was always, “Beloved.”

The Objectification of Women

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For the past 10 years, I have been privileged to be the pastor, counselor, mentor, “Dad,” spiritual guide, and friend to hundreds upon hundreds of students at Florida State University.

We’ve discussed everything from theology to dating to vocations and callings. We’ve laughed together, and we’ve cried. Some talks have brightened my days, and some have broken my heart.

Among the heartbreakers, a persistent, nagging theme has recently emerged via three different, but related, issues…

A Look at the Modern College Student

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It’s not your parent’s college anymore.

With technology, the landscape of college education has done a complete turnaround. Gone are the days of notebooks, printed syllabi, and textbooks.

Now it’s iPads, smartphones, and ebooks.

Here’s a look at the modern college student and how they fare technologically on the university campus.