Setting the Table

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If you had the chance to communicate one message to incoming students — 2 months before their arrival — what would it be?

We are in the midst of our summer orientation here at BU. It’s probably not too different from what happens on most other campuses around the country that practice this same methodology of “introducing” new students to campus.

Free-Falling [Like Wile E.]

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As a kid I loved watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. I especially liked watching Wile E. Coyote attempt to catch the Roadrunner – forever without success – he always made me laugh!

As I’ve observed our students for the past 7 years attempt to transition into this place [spiritually speaking] the best [and most unfortunate] image that comes to mind for many of them is the one to the right.
80% of our students self-identify as Christians.

What that means [for them] exactly, I don’t know.

Organic AND Pragmatic

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Greetings Campus Ministers…my students are heading your way! Last Saturday I had the privilege of watching a half-dozen students I had only met that morning at 8am dive in and get dirty doing flood relief work here in Franklin, TN (the greater Nashville area). You see they were invited by a friend who only months […]

Have We Done All We Could?

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It’s graduation season!  The time of the year when we send our graduates off into the world to live out their dreams, live into their passions, and to make the world a better place… right!? A couple of years ago I polled the readers here at, asking: What’s the biggest issue facing graduating seniors? […]