Commissioning Graduates: An Ordination to Daily Work

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Before we send our students across the stage (to receive their diploma), and then on out into the world, we will worship together one last time at a baccalaureate service.

For the past several years this service has taken on the intentional theme of: An Ordination to Daily Work.

We want our students to recognize that — regardless of what field of work, sphere of society, or corner of the world they are heading to — God will be there, and wants to use them in some intentional ways in that place.

Do You Keep Up With Graduates?

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With our college graduates preparing to leave campus — most of them “for good” — I find myself wondering if there are any reasons to intentionally stay connected with our graduates. Sure, there will be those students that we inevitably stay connected with — because they stay local, or continue to reach out, or simply […]

Making Space for Students to Grow

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I’m a big believer in Christian higher education. Young adults raised in Christian homes often reach a period of deep struggle in adolescence, and Christian higher education professionals can be of great help in navigating those struggles faithfully and honestly. For many students, the faith of their families and home church worked wonderfully for their […]

The Senior Year Transition: How Are We Preparing our Students for Life After College?

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My first year out [of college] was the toughest year of my life, a Penn State alum told me. He was a part of vibrant Christian fellowship throughout college, serving as a strong spiritual leader during his junior and senior years. Then he graduated and moved to an unfamiliar city. New location. New job. Real […]