‘Stuck in a Moment’ That They Can’t Get Out Of

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The beginning of the school year — it’s one of our busiest times of the year.

So many students to meet, so many to reconnect with.

It’s a season in which life seems to move at an incredibly pace — nearly impossible to keep up with — or so it would seem.

Yet I was recently reminded that while this might be true for many of us, it isn’t true for everyone.

I’ve got a friend I’ve been visiting in the hospital the past few weeks. In my visits with him I’ve been reminded that time moves slower there. Much slower.

Against the Current: Understanding the Mindset of an Incoming College Freshman

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When I was in college, I went rafting with some friends. We were coasting down a medium-size rapid when, all of a sudden, we dropped about four feet on a dip that we didn’t see coming.

Falling off my tube, I remember having to swim upstream to get back onto my float that had become lodged between a rock and a hard place.

Tired from the struggle, I remember wondering if the experience was worth it at all.

Don’t Get Blindsided by Life Mechanics

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Stepping out, taking the risk to dive into this crazy world as an adult, as Miss Independent (cue Kelly Clarkson), can be totally scary.

We like to think we are self-sufficient and not at all apprehensive about living out on our own, out from under the wings of the grown-ups in our lives.

I remember when I moved into my first apartment post-college. It was a seven-hundred-square-foot space that was mine to decorate, leave messy, and clean up only if I felt like it.

Exciting . . . until it came time to pay rent for the first time. Yikes.

Are They Ready To Go?

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If you’ve been serving students for very long at all, then you know that the summer months can be a challenging season for many of our students.

Spiritually speaking, many will struggle to re-engage back in the community of faith they were apart of before they left for college… (which assumes, of course, that they had one to leave in the first place).

Catalyst | Tim Elmore | Overcoming Artificial Maturity

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I’m at the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta this week. It’s a major conference that draws upwards of 13,000 Christian leaders from around the globe and boasts some of the best thinkers, authors, pastors and leaders in America (and beyond) for speakers and lab leaders. In an attempt to be a good steward of this experience, […]

It’s Important to Remember That Move-In Day is NOT About YOU

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Most campuses I know of seem to have some sort of formal programming and process for welcoming students to campus, helping them to get moved in, and then oriented to their new community, before classes begin.

Most of us went through this process as a first-year student… once upon a time… and it may be that we have forgotten some of the emotions and overwhelming feelings of disorientation that often accompany this time of transition.

And on move-in day specifically, new students and parents are about one thing and one thing only — getting into (and then settled in) their dorm room.

So let me encourage us — each and every one of us — to be about that one thing as well.