Student Leaders… This Time of Year

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I was wandering around my blog archives the other day (insert nerd-related comment here) and I noticed that I spend a lot more time thinking about student leaders at the beginning of every new academic year (or at least that’s what my blog archives might lead one to believe).

I hope that’s not the reality — for me or for you — because our student leaders are our greatest human asset.

In fact, how we “manage” our student leaders during this busy season of the term will likely have a lot to do with how they are when they return from the Christmas break — and even whether or not they’ll make plans to return to leadership in the following academic year.

Finding A Sustainable Pace

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By now, many of us are full-on into a new term of ministry with students.

Whether we’ve been at it for 2 weeks or 4 weeks, or somewhere in between, we’ve likely been going at it hard — recognizing that the first few weeks of the new academic year are critical for connecting with new students. Our desire, as always, is to have the best start ever!

But if we’re not careful, we could quickly find ourselves hitting a wall of sorts.

Yes, the beginning of a new academic year does require a lot from us — in fact, many of us would agree that it’s the busiest time of the year, but it’s also the beginning.

Steering New Students Away From Leadership

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I have very few “pocket speeches” that I pull out and use over and over again.

I find that every student is unique, as is their situation, and it (and they) deserves to be treated as such.

However, at the start of every new school year there is one speech (conversation is probably a more accurate description) that I seem to present over and over and over again…

When new students approach me about finding a place to lead (and more specific to our campus — to lead worship) I tell them all the same thing:

Find a place to belong first, then look for ways to invest your gifts.

Claim Your Baggage

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Ready or not… a new year of ministry has begun (or will soon begin).

And the reality is that some of us… are not ready.

Many more of us find ourselves much less ready than we’d like to be.

Some of us find ourselves in a place of spiritual, emotional or mental distress.

We don’t feel ready for a new year.

Not for the return of students, the start of classes or the work of serving as pastor to a rapidly moving community.

Why Some Leaders Return

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Updated 4/21/14 Student leadership is central to much of what we do. Student leaders have the ability to extend the reach, and multiply the effectiveness, of our overall ministry efforts on campus. In a previous post I talked about 5 Reasons Your Student Leaders Will Quit On You. In a related post I wrote about: Signs […]

Signs of New Life

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It’s hard to miss. Unless, of course, you’re not really looking for it. But who, when the spring finally comes, isn’t looking for signs of new life in the world around us? Sprouts springing forth from the ground. New buds appearing on trees. The return of birds and bugs, rain (not snow) and storms (not […]