My #iMentor Story | Ashlee Alley

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I mentor because I love seeing people thrive. I mentor because I was mentored. I mentor because mentoring is at the core of the Christian life.

I was a college student who had a plan, some abilities, and was willing to work hard. And I was on track to carry out my plan to become a physical therapist. Until I encountered several mentors. Man, did they mess up my life! Or rather, they were voices for God to mess up my life…for the better.

My #iMentor Story | Aaron Smith

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Why I Mentor…

When I entered college at the University of Cincinnati, my goal was to get away from the calling that I knew God had on my life. I knew He had called me to ministry, but I wanted no part in it.

My mother sent an email to the Campus Pastor for the Baptist Collegiate Ministry at UC, Ken Dillard. He contacted me and invited me to a gathering of Christians on campus.

I reluctantly went — and things have never been the same since then.

My #iMentor Story | Koby Miller

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I didn’t grow up desiring to someday be a mentor. I “fell” into it when a colleague suggested I interview for a Resident Director (R.D.) position. I was looking for a new job and it seemed like an adventure — especially since the university was in Southern California!!!

After over 20 years of R.D. life and serving with over 170 Resident Assistants (R.A.s), I can truly say that I am a different person from interacting and walking with many wonderful college students.

My #iMentor Story | Chad Logan

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I mentor because I’m convinced that being mentored was the single most impactful component for my spiritual growth in college.

Living in a world of helicopter parents who essentially make decisions for their children, collegians need mentors more than ever to grow spiritually and encounter life responsibly.

Helicopter parents tend to believe their child can do no wrong. This sentiment oftentimes positions adolescents for failure. In college, my mentor asked me the tough questions that no one wants to answer; these were questions that I intentionally avoided for the sake of spiritual sloth. However, without these questions, I would not have discovered the spiritual journey that I’m trekking today.

My #iMentor Story | Steve Rankin

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I met the Rev. Jack Fogleman when I was eighteen years old and a freshman in college.

In United Methodist organizational nomenclature, Jack was a district superintendent. That meant he had supervisory oversight for roughly sixty congregations in a particular section of the State (Kansas).

Another responsibility that district superintendents have is to keep track of young ministerial candidates. At the point of our first contact, I was not one of them, but Jack was paying attention.

The Makings Of A Great Conversation

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We all know that conversations — of a wide variety — are what make up the life and work of those in ministry. Much more so than programs.

And we also know that conversations are the bread and butter of mentoring relationships.

While some things will be learned through shared experience, much of what we share with students comes in the form of conversation — over meals, coffee, and number of places across campus.

Conversations are key.

But do we really know what goes into a good conversation?

How about a great one.

My #iMentor Story | Jamie Johnson

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Sometime around the age of 13 a friend entered my life. This individual intentionally chose me, though at the time I did not know it. His name was Bruce.

Bruce’s investment in my life seemed inconspicuous. He was, after all, the Youth Superintendent for the Friends churches in the Pacific Northwest. He was paid to do this!

Bruce and I began meeting regularly as I was just entering high school. It seemed to me he had the ability to discern one’s entire life story by simply looking them in the eye.

Question Everything

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I’m excited to share with you a great resource that addresses one of the most significant issues facing the Church today — biblical illiteracy.

The Bible is the best-selling book of all time. Most of us have multiple copies on our bookshelf. We have audio Bibles on our iPods, and we can even read and listen to the Bible on our mobile phones for free.

Still, according to the Center for Bible Engagement, 66 percent of U.S. Christians rarely or never read their Bible.

Campus Minister, and author of Question Everything: A Fresh Way to Read the Best-Selling Book of All Time, Tyler Ellis has crafted this resource with intention of helping people — young and old — to explore the Bible, better understand the Bible, and more fully live out the truths of the Bible in their everyday living.