Taking Care of Yourself—for real this time!

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“Know your strengths, vulnerabilities, and triggers.” Check. “Get used to uncertainty and conflict.” Double check. “Experiment beyond your comfort zone.” Um…really? If I already know it works… “Take care of yourself.” Yikes. I’m probably going to have to have a hard conversation with myself. About 15 months ago, I read these words under a heading […]

1 Glaring Deficiency

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One glaring deficiency. That’s all it can take to leave the kind of bad taste in someone’s mouth that they no longer consider you among their numerous sources, options, or opportunities — no matter your offering. I had the opportunity of spending all day yesterday with my family at a water park. It was awesome […]

Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist

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My name is Guy — and I’m a recovering perfectionist.

It’s been approximately 12 years since my then new bride called me out on my condition — primarily because I was beginning to impose it on her, and our young marriage. (Thanks Hunny!)

It probably took me another year or two to fully understand and embrace my imperfect reality of constantly striving to be perfect — at which point I officially entered into unofficial recovery.

I began to consciously tell myself that it was OK to not be the best, to not be perfect in everything I said and did.

Here I Go Again

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Many times in ministry, especially college ministry, you feel like you are walking alone. Just drifting along, trying to survive, and isolated from others in ministry.

College Ministry has been described as the Navy Seals of ministry — It’s very hard work and no one ever gives you credit when it goes well (plus, some people erroneously call us Youth Ministers, a pet peeve of mine).

I am surrounded by a great church staff, but they often fail to grasp what college ministry is or have the tools to push me in my goals and desires.

On Strengths and Weaknesses

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That is my score for music/worship on any spiritual gift/talent inventory I’ve ever taken. Ok, -1 isn’t a score, but it’s my lowest category of any of them.

Growing up, I was told that you needed to spend all your time making your weaknesses better. But I would disagree. No matter how hard I work, I will still have no rhythm or be able to play most instruments. However, I am aware of that.

Knowing my weaknesses helps me delegate them.