Top Posts for May 2013

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June is here!

And I hope you have gotten fully in to your summer rhythm by now.

May was a different kind of month here at! This May, much like last May, became a month for a different kind of writing.

Last May’s efforts produced Shaping Their Future: Mentoring Students Through Their Formative College Years. It’s a resource geared towards parents, pastors, professors, coaches, employers, etc. — really anyone who might serve as a mentor to students during some of the most formative years of their lives.

Well, this May’s efforts were geared towards a book for students — and I hope to share more information with you soon! So, stay tuned.

Top Posts of April 2013

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It’s May!

And I hope you’re school year and ministry season is coming to a good conclusion.

April was another great month at! But with all that the end of the academic year entails, it’s likely that you’ve missed some of these great posts!

So here are the Best of the Best — the Top Posts for the month of April!

Announcing the Faith ON Campus FALL FORUM

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I’m excited to announce The 2013 Faith ON Campus FALL FORUM.

This two-day event will be held on the campus of Belmont University, in Nashville, TN on October 23rd & 24th, 2013.

This year’s event will feature extended conversations with author and leadership guru, Dr. Tim Elmore.

Those of us who work closely with today’s college students know that they are in the midst of some of the most formative years in life — and yet many are struggling to take advantage of the incredible opportunities that lay before them.


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That’s right. The Faith ON Campus Summer Institute has officially been postponed.

Apparently I picked the absolute worst week of the summer to try to host an event like this — so, after talking with Tim’s people and the great sponsors that had already signed on for the summer event, we’re now zeroing in on a couple of days in mid to late October.

I still believe in this event — and hope that you do to!

Top Posts of March 2013

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It’s April 1st! But this list is NO JOKE.

March was another great month at and included a first ever Book Launch!

Thanks to all who helped get #ShapingTheirFutureBook out there! I hope it adds to our collective work with college students across this nation.

Here are the posts that were most viewed during the month of March!

A special word of “Thanks!” to all who contributed guest posts.

My #iMentor Story | Josh Waugh

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Growing up in a larger church, you would think that I could go through youth group picking the best mentors out there and entering college as the next Billy Graham.

That’s what everyone would think at least.

In reality, it was not until my freshmen year of high school that my Sunday School teacher and I began a relationship that changed my life forever. Harry Barber (yes, that’s his real name), who was my interim youth minister and incredible mentor, worked together with me every week for a year and a half as he taught me how to lead my peers at church. We did life together and I learned by watching his example.

BREAKING NEWS Regarding the 2013 Faith ON Campus Summer Institute

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I am thrilled to announce that do to the generous gifts of some great organizations we will now be able to offer tickets to the 2013 Faith ON Campus Summer Institute for just $139!

Events like this could not happen without the generous support of many!

I encourage you to check out these great organizations — and get your ticket now for the 2013 Faith ON Campus Summer Institute!


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Approximately 20 million college students attend universities in the US and approximately one million of them are international students.

Do the math. That means roughly one out of every 20 college students in the US is from another country!

It’s time for us to be more intentional about reaching international students. That’s why I’ve written this Two Part series. So before I share some ideas for HOW to minister to international students, let’s first consider nine reasons WHY: