Ideas for July

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  It’s July. For most of us this marks the halfway point of our summer… and if you’ve not been too serious about utilizing your summer ‘downtime’ to prepare for the upcoming year thus far… all is not lost. But, it does probably mean that upon your return from the 4th of July holiday weekend it will […]

Ideas for June

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Well, we’ve made it to June.

For many of us this means that students have been gone close to a month… so, how’s your summer going? If the answer is ‘too quickly’ than I can relate.

As much as I might like to spend each day of the summer months immersed in the scene to the right, making good use of our summer can be the difference between fumbling our way into the new school year or a GREAT start, between a strong, well-planned year or a chaotic, hap-hazard one.

Ideas for April

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For most of us, April is the final (full) month of ministry with students before they leave for summer break. The end is in sight, but there are still more meaningful ministry opportunities for us to take advantage of.

In a previous post I shared some thoughts on Avoiding Autopilot Syndrome during this post-spring break season of ministry. Students tend to check out during these final weeks of the school year, and it can be very tempting to ‘return the favor’ as we are equally tired – from a full season of ministry, and eager – for the change of pace that comes when students leave for the summer.

SO, I thought I might post a few ideas about how we can still connect with, love and serve our students over the month of April.

Creating Space

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Although I’ve only been blogging since mid-march of this year… I’ve really taken to it. It’s almost become a spiritual discipline of sorts. I find it a great space for me to reflect on what’s happening in my life and what I think I see God doing in my midst… Although I have a personal […]