What Implicates You?

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  What implicates you? What causes you to feel “responsible” for things that are happening in the world? What makes you feel compelled to do something about it? To right what is wrong? These are a few of the questions that our time with Dr. Steven Garber have centered around. Steve is the Director of The […]

Spiritual Mentoring | A Resource for Equipping the Saints

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Have you ever wondered how you might multiply the efforts of your ministry on campus? I have.

And after 6 years of hard work on the same campus I heard a colleague express something that unlocked a part of the mystery for me in this area…

His statement was something to the effects of:

Student after student, when asked “what made your experience at BU so significant?,” shared a rendition of the same answer: it was the meaningful relationships that they formed.

And almost to a person, they would identify a faculty or staff person who had taken some intentional time to be with them — to be a listener, someone who asked good questions, an encourager, someone who challenged or pushed them, a shoulder to cry on, a mentor, a teacher of life — a friend.

The Outrageous Idea of Academic Faithfulness: A Guide for Students

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When asked to join in this blogging blow-out for campus ministry folks, I knew exactly what one book I wanted to promote. I have the great privilege of selling books at several different campus ministry organizations and have set up large book displays for student gatherings, conferences, retreats, and at Christian colleges. Regardless of the […]

Helping Students to Identify a Call to Pastor

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Do you remember when it was that you first realized God was calling you into ministry?

More specifically, do you remember when it was that God was calling you to be a pastor to college students?

My guess is that God started to plant that seed deep within us long before we ever realized it.

We likely experienced different things — events, conversations, moments of clarity or divine appointment — that seemed odd or out of place at the time… but were actually pointing us toward the very thing that we now find ourselves doing.

Helping Stressed Students

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Updated 4/30/12 It’s that time of year again. Another academic term is beginning to wind down. And our student’s stress levels are winding up. Under the weight of impending academic deadlines, and lofty expectations relating to their GPA’s, our students are beginning to crack under the (oft self-imposed) pressure that the end of a term […]