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Are Titles Getting In The Way?

Are titles getting in the way of you doing good work?

Do you know what I mean?

Do you ever find yourself hindered by your place on the “org chart,” or unwilling to say something or do something because of where you fall within your office or organizational sub-structure?

What’s holding you back?

I mean, what’s really holding you back?

Do you honestly believe that “stepping out of line” could cost you something — like a promotion or even your job? Is that a real possibility in your office or organization?

If not, then  quit using it as an excuse.

But if it is, what’s keeping you there???

And have you ever considered what not saying something, or not doing something, is costing you? Your team? And even your organization and the people you serve?

Have you ever stopped to consider how something like being overly fixated on a title could be interfering with how the Holy Spirit is trying to speak to you or work through you?

Not because the Holy Spirit is limited by you, but because “titles” and systemic structures are causing you to ignore the active work of God in your life and work.

When this happens, we often become less confident in what that still small voice is saying, or how it’s leading, and we become much more concerned about (and fearful of) how things “appear” to those we report to and how we are perceived by others.

Did you catch the shift there? From confidence to fear…

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting a complete leveling of all systems and structures, or completely doing away with all titles and org charts.

But what I am suggesting is that God does not want us to limit the scope of our own voice or work because of the title we have or the place that we hold in a org chart.

God calls us to be faithful to him in the work that he has called us to. Even in the midst of organizations, structures, and yes — even ministries, that are not as focused on God as they could be.

So how do you see this playing out in your corner of the universe?

Are you limiting your voice or the scope of your work?

Are you squelching someone else’s voice, or inhibiting their work, because of how you lead?

Or are you allowing an unhealthy system, structure, or organization to impede the good work of others because you are afraid to call a spade a spade and request a change in how things operate?

God’s placed a call on your life.

He’s asked you to lead out in a very specific role in the place you now serve.

How will you steward this opportunity you’ve been give?