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Announcing the 4th Annual Back-to-School Blogathon!

Faith On Campus is excited to announce the next Blogathon:

Back to School | August 6-8, 2013!

I know it probably feels like the summer just started — but the reality is that the new school year is just around the corner — so with that in mind, it’s time to make plans and preparations for this upcoming opportunity to come together for some collective thinking and sharing about how to make the most of this critical time of the year!

That’s what the Back to School Blogathon is all about!

Over the course of this 3-day online event we’ll have the chance to hear from a number of professionals in the college and campus ministry world — and others who have particular interest and/or insight into our work with college students — in the form blog posts and the dialog that ensues.

SO –

What I’m looking for right now are proposals — FROM PEOPLE LIKE YOU!

If you’re curious about what topics might be covered, visit the Back t0 School Blogathon Homepage to see contributions from the last three years — but know that topics do not have to be limited to what you find there.

Is there something your curious about, or would like to explore? Is there something you’ve been experimenting with in your ministry context… or something you’ve had some success with that you’d like to share about? Consider this an opportunity to explore, engage, share, and discuss something that YOU’RE interested in.

The hope and design of this time is that we might share with, and learn from, one another — for the sake of more effectively reaching our students for Christ!

If all of this sounds interesting to you, then the next question is simple: would you be willing to contribute a post that is 300-1000 words in length that can serve as a launch pad for conversations that will help to bring more shape and definition to our work with college students?

If so, I’d like you to send me a brief description of what you would like to contribute.

I will begin accepting proposals for blog posts immediately (at guy.chmieleski[at], and hope to solidify our list of contributors by the middle of July. Your final post would then be due by Wednesday, July 31st.

And you can be one of the first to RSVP for this upcoming event by visiting the Back to School Blogathon Facebook event page! Help spread the word by inviting your colleagues and co-laborers in Christ to join us for this upcoming event!

If you have any questions about this upcoming blogathon please be in touch.

I look forward to engaging with you about how best to start a new year of ministry with students!