My #iMentor Story | Steve Rankin

 The #iMentor Initiative was started to honor the investment of mentors all over the world, and to encourage potential mentors to take the initiative in starting an intentional relationship with a college student today. ———————– I met the Rev. Jack Fogleman when I was eighteen years old and a freshman in college.  In United Methodist organizational nomenclature, Jack was a district superintendent. That meant he had supervisory oversight for roughly sixty congregations in a particular section ... Read more

Sex Does Affect Their Souls

I’m not sure I’m in the best position to make a contribution to this blogathon, given its topic, Sex and the Soul.  I have grown long in the tooth and I find myself sounding like my parents. But, I must be honest: I think the topic looms huge, the veritable 500-pound gorilla always there in the corner of the room. Maybe a story from my own college experience will help to frame my concern.  As ... Read more

A Rich but Often Overlooked Resource for Self Leadership

I have taken almost every personality type and leadership inventory known to humanity. No kidding, I’ve done the DISC, the Myers-Briggs (3 times), StrengthsQuest, then StrengthsFinder, and the Birkman. I’ve done spiritual gifts inventories. I like them all. A lot. They’ve consistently confirmed certain features of my personality and leadership style that help to focus and refine how I engage in ministry. I think they’ve made me a better leader. And the leadership books I’ve ... Read more

Leading With Our Lives

The profession of the ministry – including campus ministry – is often compared with the two other professions of law and medicine. Or so campus ministry should be, if it is not. When I am asked to speak to groups or when I am consulting individually with people, I regularly say, “We lead with our lives.” In making this claim, I typically draw a contrast with folks in the other two professions, medicine and law. ... Read more

It Is Not Self-Care: Re-thinking Sabbath

  I begin with a mea culpa. Often I have been labeled as one of those Type A personalities and only recently have I ‘fessed up to it. I wake up early each morning and I’m instantly alert, my mind whirring with thoughts and tasks for the day. I don’t have real hobbies, even though I like to do things for fun. But most of those “fun” things must have some purposeful edge to them. ... Read more

Campus Ministers as Catechists

I have heard it numerous times over the years from campus ministry colleagues: “I don’t want to run a youth group for college kids.” I have said it myself. No offense to youth ministry or ministers. It is (and they do) a crucial work. But that enough of us in college work would voice this concern and use this reference says something about us, about our ambivalence with the work we do. It goes ... Read more