One Single Sex Boundary That Just Might Work

I smile nostalgically to think of your students’ imminent arrival on campus. My wife and I agree. The four years we spent at Baylor University were the four funnest* of our lives, most of it, good clean fun. We made great friends and a lot of wise choices, so by God’s grace, we have few regrets. I said we have few regrets. Most of those had to do with our failure to maintain moral purity ... Read more

4 Sex Lies That College Students Believe

In my 10 years of sharing with singles (primarily college students) I’ve zeroed in on four lies I think we need to overcome in order to lead our students into sexual freedom and, more importantly, their true identity in Christ. Lie 1: My Sexuality is my Identity If you’re my age or older you can clearly remember a time when the discussion of sexual identity seldom occurred, and not because it was thought taboo, but because ... Read more

The #1 Thing on the College Freshman Mind

You may already know the top issues for your incoming freshman, but Dr. Tim Clydesdale has actually asked them. And in a workshop at this year’s National Collegiate Summit he shared seven common themes uncovered by his interviews with college-bound high school grads. The #1 theme? Navigating relationships (making friends, finding a boy/girlfriend, getting along with roommates) and managing gratifications (particularly sex and partying, hence connecting gratifications to relationships). So in celebration of relationship navigation and ... Read more

The Post Which Must Not Be Named

This past November I delivered a discussion series at Northwestern College which I have shared many other times before, but this time was different. This would be the last time I would feel comfortable promoting this discussion online by name. I now refer to it online as “The Discourse Which Must Not Be Named.” The actual title is “The Nud1st C0l0ny Discourse” and it consists of three sessions: Uncovering the Nud1ist C0l0ny Illusion How Marriage Can ... Read more

The Elephant in the G-String

“They tell you sex has become a mess because it was hushed up. But for the last twenty years it has not been hushed up. It has been chattered about all day long. Yet it is still in a mess. If hushing up had been the cause of the trouble, ventilation would have set it right. But it has not. I think it is the other way round. I think the human race originally ... Read more