Links…Student Leadership Teams

A collegiate ministry is only as strong as its weakest link. I think Jesus got it right.  He picked some pretty strong links. The leadership team of any collegiate ministry must function as a well-oiled machine if the ministry is going to achieve maximum impact on their campus for Christ.  I love my leadership team.  But more than that, I respect them.  And, I trust them.  They’re given the freedom to reach…to grow…to dream…to impact, and ... Read more


Jesus told the Samaritan Woman that ‘whoever drinks of this water will thirst again.’ (John 4:13 emphasis mine) Never before has this Scripture come screaming at me as it does when I watch some of the interactions of students on the college campus. The phenomenon of dating is evolving, and the church isn’t keeping up. The idea of a more traditional mindset of dating where the guy talks with the family…especially the father…about courting his ... Read more


Right about now collegiate leaders all around the country are having a severe dose of reality.   Pure pandemonium is about to commence because we’ve realized that in just over four short weeks we’ve got students arriving back on campus and our Fall Semesters will be in full swing. Dang that was a short summer! All of our well thought out plans and strategies are about to be tested with a vengeance.  We’re hoping our student leadership ... Read more

Reach Your Campus in 160 Characters

OK.  Who besides me has seriously struggled with trying to stay connected with your students?  C’mon, admit it!  There we go!  I see that hand…I see that hand too!  LOL!  In all honesty, having to figure out the best communication techniques for my college campus has been like attempting to slay a dragon with a dull, short sword…I’ve gotten the job done sometimes, but it sure was messy and it certainly wasn’t easy whatsoever. So, ... Read more

‘Not In Kansas Anymore’

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!” This iconic line that has screamed from the pages of cinema history and penetrated American pop culture for decades should serve as the motivation and inspiration for the strategic planning of implementing a new vision for spreading the Gospel to the Next Generation. This vision hit me square in the heart in the summer of 2007. Up until that time I had spent my entire life ... Read more