My #iMentor Story | Jamie Johnson

The #iMentor Initiative was started to honor the investment of mentors all over the world, and to encourage potential mentors to take the initiative in starting an intentional relationship with a college student today. ----------------------- Sometime around the age of 13 a friend entered my life. This individual intentionally chose me, though at the time I did not know it. His name was Bruce. Bruce’s investment in my life seemed inconspicuous. He was, after all, the Youth ... Read more

Campus Ministry as a Bridge, Not an Island

The other day I wandered into the woods of a local park. The combination of a coffee drink in one hand (a prerequisite in the Northwest) and a sunny day in April (a rarity in the Northwest) brought me and my two boys to a muddy little creek tucked behind a set of tennis courts in the very same park I had played in as a little boy. The creek – which created a border between ... Read more

Edward Scissorhands and Me: Shaping an on-line Pastoral Presence

I was 21 when I was handed my first hedge trimmer. As a seminary student I was often confined to a square study carrel in an even squarer library that smelled of cloth and dust. Every day I climbed the stairs, passed through overgrown arborvitaes, and entered the gaping maw of the bibliophile’s heaven. Afraid of becoming a permanent fixture of the library, of blending into the wallpaper, I sought whatever means I could to ... Read more