The Cost of Being a Bridge Builder between LGBTs and the Church

I feel the costs of the corporate LGBT and Church disconnect have been well documented for what this culture war has left in its wake. The broader LGBT community's retelling of this story, in most cases, has the Bride acting more like Bridezilla than the Bride who, when the doors swing open for the first time, is standing in her gown, looking as beautiful as she has ever looked, ready to walk down the ... Read more

The Future of College Ministry: Shifting Relational Paradigms to the First Century

More than any other type of life and faith in culture, there is no doubt in my mind that college ministry is consistently the most rapidly changing population of believers. I am only 11 years removed from my freshman year in college and looking back over the last decade my undergraduate experience is nothing like the students currently finishing their freshman year. Though many can look back on a decade once removed and see ... Read more