Are Titles Getting In The Way?

Are titles getting in the way of you doing good work? Do you know what I mean? Do you ever find yourself hindered by your place on the "org chart," or unwilling to say something or do something because of where you fall within your office or organizational sub-structure? What's holding you back? I mean, what's really holding you back? Do you honestly believe that "stepping out of line" could cost you something -- like a promotion or even ... Read more

What Kind of Leader Are You?

I've recently been reminded that all leadership is not equal. I'm sure we all know this -- on one level. And yet, sometimes it's not until we see first hand (or hear the laments or praises of someone who is experiencing something very different from what we are), that we are reminded that no, all leadership is not equal. The images above represent for me two very different forms of leadership. The closed fist represents the leader (and ... Read more

What Makes For a (Really) Good Book?

What makes for a good book? I mean, what makes for a really good book? You know there's a difference -- but have you ever been able to pinpoint what differentiates the good books from the really good books -- for you? Is it the writing style of the author? Is it the way they incorporate personal stories? Or maybe it has to do with the level of research and statistical information that is included? Maybe it has to ... Read more

Possibly the BIGGEST Challenge of Our Work

Doing the work that we do -- mentoring students within a wide-variety of contexts -- comes with a whole slew of challenges. Some of the challenges are related to our context and the things we have to manage or navigate in order to relate well with students. Some of the challenges are tied to our students and their own set of priorities and sense of self and God. Some of the challenges we own as they bubble ... Read more

Announcing the Shaping Their Future Conference

I'm excited to announce a new dimension to my work here at Faith On Campus! I've long reached out to mentors in a broad sense, connecting primarily with other campus and church leaders who work primarily with college students (through my blog and first book). And more recently I've begun to write for college students as well (creating and writing CAMPUS gODS). But it wasn't until just recently that the Lord started to birth within ... Read more

Faith On Campus, LLC

Well friends... For those of you that pay close attention to details, you may have noticed some subtle changes around this website over the past couple of weeks. In early January I decided to go through the process of establishing Faith On Campus as a LLC or Limited Liability Company. Having functioned as a blog since 2009, you may recall that I ventured into the world of conferences this past fall -- hosting the Faith On Campus ... Read more
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