Sex & the Soul

WELCOME to the Sex & the Soul Blogathon Homepage!

The 3rd Annual Sex & the Soul Blogathon will take place February 26-28, 2013.

The Sex & the Soul Blogathon is a chance to think, and converse, together about the varying ISSUES RELATING TO SEX, SEXUALITY AND FAITH that are impacting today’s college students — and how we can best come alongside them as they discern how to make important choices during these critically formative years.

Over the course of this 3 day event we’ll have the chance to hear from a number of professionals in the college ministry world – and others who have particular interest and/or insight into our work with college students – in the form of blog posts – and the dialogs that ensue.

I pray that these will be significant conversations for all who participate!


Day 3

imageNice Christians Don’t Talk About SexElizabeth Chapin | Adjunct Facilty, George Fox Evangelical Seminary

“It seems that more than ever the compulsion today is to identify, to reduce someone to what is on the label. To identify is to control, to limit. To love is to call by name and so open the wide gates of creativity. But we forget names and turn to labels.” –Madeline L’Engle

LGBTQ is the latest in a long list of labels used to identify people with sexual orientations that differ from the heterosexual norm. (Read more…)

Lies4 Sex Lies That College Students Believe | Michael Johnson | Co-Founder, Future Marriage University

In my 10 years of sharing with singles (primarily college students) I’ve zeroed in on four lies I think we need to overcome in order to lead our students into sexual freedom and, more importantly, their true identity in Christ. (Read more…)

rainbowThe Cost of Being a Bridge Builder Between LGBTs and the Church | Andrew Marin | President, The Marin Foundation

I feel the costs of the corporate LGBT and Church disconnect have been well documented for what this culture war has left in its wake.

The broader LGBT community’s retelling of this story, in most cases, has the Bride acting more like Bridezilla than the Bride who, when the doors swing open for the first time, is standing in her gown, looking as beautiful as she has ever looked, ready to walk down the aisle and be sacramentally joined with God to the person she loves more than any other on the face of the earth.

And the Church’s retelling of this disconnect, at its core, is in most cases one of denominational and congregations division—separating what many thought was once one of the three unbreakable cords tied to the Lord for good works. (Read more…)

broken egg

The Future Consequences of Present Actions | Guy Chmieleski | University Minister, Belmont University

As a pastor of students, and father of five small children, I am deeply troubled by the statistics describing the sexual practices of today’s young people.

Sometimes I wish I had the ability to sit down with students and allow them to look 5 years, 10 years, or maybe even 15 years into the future — so they could see how their present actions will have a direct impact on their future.

I honestly believe that if more students knew how their choices today would impact their lives in the years to come, they’d make changes.

At least I hope they would. (Read more…)

Day 2

couple_couchHow Far Is Too Far? | Hanna Easley | Coordinator of Student Enrichment, Belmont University

“If God was looking down on you, would it look any different to Him?”

I was in college and struggling with setting physical boundaries with my current boyfriend. I knew that God intended sex for within the confines of marriage and believed there were consequences if I disobeyed, but I wasn’t sure where the line was. How far is too far? I knew I felt shame and guilt for some of the behavior I had engaged in, but was it really wrong or was I over re-acting?

I shared these thoughts with my friend and mentor, Jenn. (Read more…)

heart balanceThe Objectification of Women | Vance Rains | Pastor, Wesley Foundation at Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College

For the past 10 years, I have been privileged to be the pastor, counselor, mentor, “Dad,” spiritual guide, and friend to hundreds upon hundreds of students at Florida State University.

We’ve discussed everything from theology to dating to vocations and callings. We’ve laughed together, and we’ve cried. Some talks have brightened my days, and some have broken my heart.

Among the heartbreakers, a persistent, nagging theme has recently emerged via three different, but related, issues… (Read more…)

CelebateSex_CvrLoRes1Maids and Margaritas and Sex on Warm Sand | Abbie Smith | Writer/Author

What would it look like to be content in our waiting and with our sexuality, as both singles and marrieds, not because we’re perfect at waiting for sex or we’re perfectly sexual but because we’re content in our humanity, in our femininity and masculinity, in our longing for union with the trinity? (Read more…)

Notches On The BedpostThe Thrist | Jim Whaley | Pastor, H2O at Tiffin University

Jesus told the Samaritan Woman that ‘whoever drinks of this water will thirstagain.’ (John 4:13 emphasis mine)

Never before has this Scripture come screaming at me as it does when I watch some of the interactions of students on the college campus. The phenomenon of dating is evolving, and the church isn’t keeping up. The idea of a more traditional mindset of dating where the guy talks with the family…especially the father…about courting his daughter is nothing more than a manuscript of a 1950’s sitcom that airs reruns on TVLand.

Gone are the ideals of respect, trust, love and commitment. (Read more…)

Day 1

roseThe Final Rose: Deciding on “The One” | Joy Eggerichs | Director, Love and Respect NOW

College can be a confusing time—figuring out what we are, what we want to do, and most importantly, who we want to marry.

Okay, maybe not most importantly.

I’ve previously written a post about marrying “The One” and whether or not only one actually existed.

I created this video post for those wondering how to tell whether your current “one” is actually The One. I’m sure you get that question all the time from your students. (Read more…)

naked truthThe Naked Truth about Sex in College | Chad Logan | Campus Minister, Arkansas State BCM

The primary reason that college students leave their faith in college is their personal desire for sexual freedom and its incompatibility with religious morality.

Approximately 65% of all college students have had sex.

25% of college women’s first encounter with sex was unwanted or forced.

Less than 30% of college students have had a healthy conversation with their parents about the “birds and the bees” (Read more…)

regretSex Does Affect Their Souls | Stephen Rankin | Chaplain and Minister to the University, SMU

I’m not sure I’m in the best position to make a contribution to this blogathon, given its topic, Sex and the Soul. I have grown long in the tooth and I find myself sounding like my parents.

But, I must be honest: I think the topic looms huge, the veritable 500-pound gorilla always there in the corner of the room.

Maybe a story from my own college experience will help to frame my concern. (Read more…)

neuroplasticitySex in the Digital Age: What to Remember About the Perspectives of Young Adults | Christy Ridings | Associate University Minister & Director of Spiritual Formation, Belmont University

In many ways, young adults are running on autopilot when it comes to their perspectives of sex.

They are often relying on ingrained understandings and behaviors that are not formulated by their parents, or by the church, but by the digital age in which they have grown up.

As a shepherd to these individuals, any effective dialogue I attempt to have with them must acknowledge this. (Read more…)