Real Life, Real Faith

The Real Life, Real Faith blogathon is a chance for us to talk together about the very real issues our college students are facing – and how we can best come alongside them during these critically formative years.

The Real Life, Real Faith blogathon happens every November and is a chance to hear from a number of professionals in the college and campus ministry world – and others who have particular interest in, and/or insight into, our work with college students – in the form blog posts – and the dialogs that ensue.

I pray that these will be significant conversations for all who participate!

[November 2-4, 2010]

Day 3

Making Space for Students to Grow || Brian D. McLaren – Author, speaker, pastor, and networker among
innovative Christian leaders, thinkers, and activists ||

Civility On Campus || Linda Osborne – National Collegiate Ministry Leader and seeks to resource and encourage church and campus-based collegiate ministries across North America ||

The Senior Year Transition: How Are We Preparing Our Students For Life After College? || Erica Young Reitz – Director of Campus Ministry at Calvary Church // CCO Campus Minister at Penn State University

Revisiting the Great Commission On Campus || Mark Lydeker – Collegiate Coordinator of the North American Mission Board ||

Tomorrows’s BIG is Today’s Small || Bill Westfall – Director of Ministry Development for Impact Campus Ministries ||

A La Carte Christianity || Guy Chmieleleski – University Minister at Belmont University ||

Day 2

On Learning to Learn || Steve Garber – Director of the Washington Institute ||

Listening In As Jesus Prays || Pat Hannon – Associate Dean of the Chapel at Indiana Wesleyan University ||

Educating for Shalom – Rediscovering the Childlike Creativity of Faith || Christine Sine – a self-described contemplative activist who blogs at

“Jumping off the gw bridge sorry.” || Brent Hutchinson – Community Life Pastor at Rolling Hills Community Church

Creativity and Calling || Mike Armstrong – Director of Christ on Campus at the University of Arkansas ||

The Unity Problem || Steve Lutz – Pastor and Campus Minister with CCO at Penn State University ||

Day 1

Preparing Students for Anti-Christian Hostility || Drew Dyck – author of Generation Ex-Christian: Why young adults are leaving the faith…and how to bring them back (Moody, 2010). Drew manages the Leader Training Team for Christianity Today International. ||

The Future of Education 2010-2020 || Tom Sine – research guy at Mustard Seed Associates and hospitality guy at the Mustard Seed House ||

How Do We Help Students Find Their Calling? || Ashley Linne – Production Editor, Leadership & Adult Publishing at LifeWay Christian Resources ||

College Stress: What College Ministers Should Know About Student Depression || Derek Melleby – resource specialist for Coalition for Christian Outreach and author of How to Make College Count ||

The Art of Teaching Scripture || Michael Kelley – author, speaker and bible study editor for LifeWay Christian Resources ||

A Student’s Insights Into Approaching GLBT Students || Bob Henry – Assistant Director of Campus Ministries at Huntington University ||